Electrical Components

We stock a wide range of electrical
components for the home appliance industry, many of our customers are renowned appliance manufacturers.

Packing Equipment

We supply all types of packaging
equipment for your every need,
from special purpose tapes to boxes and cable ties .

The refrigeration and air conditioning industry requires a great many parts for assembly and maintenance, we supply the best quality parts for the best possible price.
Copper Clad Aluminium is a new cost effective solution for a wide range of manufacturing and electrical industries.

Fortune and Star have invested in the protection of goods during storage and transportation, our
StarDrypak company offers a wide range of Silica Gels and Natural Clays.



Fortune and Star Co., Ltd. has grown as a result of our 20 years in business, importing and Exporting fragile goods throughout South East Asia.

We gained valuable experience in transporting these goods, quickly and efficiently, so in the year 2000 decided to bring our specialised know-how to a specialised field; components.

The component industry is very competitive; with delicate cargoes often needing to be moved long distances very quickly and preventing breakage.

For this reason, we felt we were perfectly positioned to offer our considerable experience to this fast-growing and demanding service, under the title of The Fortune and Star Registered Company.

Our Mission

We have gained valuable experience in transporting fragile goods, quickly and efficiently, so we decided  to bring our specialised know-how to a specialised field; components

Quality & Price

It is false economics to seek out goods solely on price, our customers benefit from our service knowing that the goods we supply are the best possible Quality for Price, and represent outstanding value for money. The benefits being, to ensure our customers credibility is never jeopardised, and long term cost effectiveness is achieved by ensuring products that stand the test of time. 

Proud of Our Business

Fortune & Star are totally dedicated to contributing to our society, knowing that all the products we supply are environmentally safe. And we believe that our business philosophy will ensure future success for both ourselves, and our customers.

Express Service

We take great pride in our customer service, and are recognised as a company that continuously seeks new products of the highest Quality for the lowest possible Price. Ensuring our customers total satisfaction in our products and services.

We can supply products to your requirements and specifications.





Excellence in Quality and Service