Wind Power
Wind Power
During our many years of research in finding the most cost effective solutions for our many customers, we have invested in clean energy and what could be more cost effective than the wind.

We manufacture and supply high quality cabling for conventional coal, hydroelectric, nuclear power industries and the marine industry.


We forge, roll and machine steel parts over 6 tons in weight, we can make any type of shafts and rings to
you specification and design.







Material   Material

We produce products with the best raw materials selected from verified suppliers according to our clients needs.
Heating Furnace

Our eleven heating furnaces consist of car and batch types, that can heat materials up to a maximum of 1,300C to prepare parts for rolling and forging
Rolling   6,300 Ring Rolling Mill

The Ring Rolling Mill forms rings by using the compressive and centrifugal force of 18 Tons on the heated steel. Producing rings up to 6,300 mm in Dia, we are able to produce any type of rings our customer require.

6,500 Ton Forging Press

Our forging press makes rough forms of products by applying compressive force of up to 6,500 Tons to heated materials, the forging press is a pushdown/4 type and uses a 160 ton manipulator.

Manipulator   160 Ton Manipulator

20m x 6m produces wind power generators main shafts, ship engine propeller shafts, intermediate shaft, rudder stocks and parts for industrial plants.

Heating Furnace

The heat treatment furnaces are equipments to heat, maintain and refrigerate in a certain temperature in order to obtain specific mechanical properties that clients require. We have four car-type furnaces.
Machining   Machining

We are equipped with all the necessary precision heavy duty machining tools necessary for the finishing of our customers parts.
Q/T Tank

This equipment quick-refrigerates forged products which have gone through hardening heat treatment to obtain the specific mechanical properties and formations that our customers require.


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