Wind Power
Wind Power
During our many years of research in finding the most cost effective solutions for our many customers, we have invested in clean energy and what could be more cost effective than the wind.
Pharmaceutical Industry
Our pharmaceutical manufacturing partners are based in India, we offer a wide range of medical products at very competitive prices.
Fortune and Star offer a wide rage of
home appliance components, at very
competitive prices.
G Voice Mobile

G Voice Mobile is our partner company, they offer a low cost international mobile phone call service.






About G Voice Mobile


G Voice Mobile is one of the most reliable and cheapest international call services in Thailand, our systems are set up to minimise overheads, allowing us to reduce our call charges for all your international calls.

Our call charges per minute from your mobile phone to mobiles and land lines in other countries will reduce your mobile bills by as much as 90%, using our service allows you to talk longer for much less than other call providers.

Business to Business


Our service is especially suited for business to business calling, most other cheap international call services don't offer caller ID, our service ensures the person you are calling knows it's your number calling them.

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International Mobile Phone Business Call Service


G Voice Mobile Network Flowchart

About Our Services

We offer both a postpaid and prepaid service, many of our business customers use our postpaid service, when using our postpaid service we issue billing on the first of every month, they receive their bills for calls made during the previous month. These bills have a full breakdown of every call made the destination of the call and duration.

Our automated service can never make a mistake with your billing, every customers call is individually logged, both the destination and duration of the call is saved in a secure database file. Our system has additional security for your privacy, ensuring that every call made through our network is secure.

About Our Network

Our network works throughout Thailand, our system receives and transmit from every base transmitter. You will experience a clear and uninterrupted call using our service, to all the destinations we offer.


Excellence in Quality and Service