Wind Power
Wind Power
During our many years of research in finding the most cost effective solutions for our many customers, we have invested in clean energy and what could be more cost effective than the wind.

We manufacture and supply high quality cabling for conventional coal, hydroelectric, nuclear power industries and the marine industry.


We forge, roll and machine steel parts over 6 tons in weight, we can make any type of shafts and rings to
you specification and design.





The Fortune and Star Group

We have focused on the development and the manufacture of high quality products that can achieve long-term customer satisfaction.

We supplying equipment to the ship building industry, manufacturing Industries, power industry with an awareness of our environment.

We continually striving to enhance our competitiveness by reducing costs, and realise expansion and profitability is more achievable with such efforts.

Power Industry Power

We supply to the many types of power industries, from conventional coal fired power plants to Nuclear power plants, with the highest standards of cabling.

Ships Marine Industry

Fortune and Star supply high quality precision made parts and cabling for marine engineering applications, from main drive shafts to all types of quality shielded cabling that are required for the conditions and reliability of cables for ships and tankers, these cables and parts are made the highest specifications to ensure total reliability during any voyage.

Bearing Manufacture Bearings

Fortune and Star supply high quality precision made roller bearings for heavy engineering applications, from home appliances to wind turbines, with 100% reliability in the long run.


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