Wind Power
Wind Power
During our many years of research in finding the most cost effective solutions for our many customers, we have invested in clean energy and what could be more cost effective than the wind.

We manufacture and supply high quality cabling for conventional coal, hydroelectric, nuclear power industries and the marine industry.


We forge, roll and machine steel parts over 6 tons in weight, we can make any type of shafts and rings to
you specification and design.





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Wind Power


Wind Turbine

The wind turbine is only one of the three main parts inside these giant machines.

The second part is a gearbox whose gears convert the slow speed of the spinning blades into higher-speed rotary motion turning the drive shaft quickly enough to power the electricity generator.

The generator is the third main part of a the wind turbine which generates the electricity depending on the size of the turbine.

Fortune and Star manufacture wind turbines that can generate between 600KW - 5MW.

Since the blades of a wind turbine are rotating, they must have kinetic energy, which they "steal" from the wind. it's a basic law of physics (known as the conservation of energy) that you can't make energy out of thin air, so the wind must actually slow down slightly when it passes around a wind turbine.

That's not really a problem, because there's plenty more wind following on behind! It is a problem if you want to build a wind farm however: so unless you're in a really windy place, you have to make sure each turbine is a good distance from the ones around it, so it's not affected by them
Wind Farm

Life Expectancy

Wind turbines have a life expectancy of between 20 and 25 years, turbines can be refurbished to extend the life span by an additional 15 years.


Wind turbines require very little maintenance throughout their life span, any maintenance that is required is mostly external re-painting to prevent rusting after pronged exposure to the elements, the actual working parts require little to no maintenance during its life span.


When the life of a wind turbine is completed and the turbine is removed from the land, no legacy of pollution is left for future generations unlike many other form of energy.

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