Wind Power
Wind Power
During our many years of research in finding the most cost effective solutions for our many customers, we have invested in clean energy and what could be more cost effective than the wind.

We manufacture and supply high quality cabling for conventional coal, hydroelectric, nuclear power industries and the marine industry.


We forge, roll and machine steel parts over 6 tons in weight, we can make any type of shafts and rings to
you specification and design.





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Wind Power
Turbine Wind turbine assembly

Includes a wind turbine generator, and a tower having an upper end and a lower end. The tower is configured to support the wind turbine generator generally adjacent the upper end of the tower. The wind turbine main working parts are often lifted into position in one piece. Fortune and Star manufacture wind turbines that can generate between 500kw - 5000kw.

Drive Shaft Drive Shaft

The rotor turns the low-speed shaft at about 15 to 60 rotations per minute, this is depending on the type of blades and wind speed.

Gear Box Gearbox

The gearbox is used to increase the revolutions from the main drive shaft to the power generator drive shaft. Depending on the type of generator and the number of poles used, an input speed of 15 revs/min can be increased to 1500 revs/min.

Yaw Motor Yaw Motor

The rotor should always face the wind so the wind turbine will generate as much electricity as possible. The yaw motor turns the nacelle so that the rotor faces the wind.

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